What Does RHPS Mean To You?
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Please send us a brief synopsis of what Rocky means to you...see "Contact Us" page for our e-mail links. Thanks for your help with this feature of the site. :)

Submitted by: Squealer6
"Hello you Rocky fans,
Well when I first saw the movie, I was 10 years old, it was the most
strangest thing that I ever saw in my life. I actually got depressed in
seeing it, but what aroused me the most in seeing it when I was so young,
was when Frank seduces Janet, that was quite a horny experience for me,
sorry if I was being a bit too honest there..
Anyway when I saw it again, I thought that Frank was really quite ugly and
unattractive, but then the more I saw it the cooler it was, and the more
obsessed I became from it. I loved every bit of it, and I fell head over
heals in love with Frank. I just could not get my feelings from him. This
feeling of absolute pleasure, this feeling of having power and the ability
to be able to seduce innocent people, that all just got to me. I wanted to
be like Frank, I wanted to be seduced by him...
In order to full fill my dream, I started to direct the play at my school. I
wanted to slip into the role of Janet so that I could see Frank with the
eyes of an innocent woman that at first despises Frank but then lets herself
go to absolute pleasure. I am now directing and playing a part in my play.
It is my project, and I hope that it will succeed.
I hope that this was enough info. for your Rocky page. This was about as
deep as I could get, maybe even more, but that would get a bit too personal.
And remember, don't dream it be it!"
LoVe AlLwAyS---Nina---
Submitted by: Magenta doec
"Freedom, acceptance and LOVE."
Submitted by: Salamander_deathreaper
"I think it means that no one really fits in on earth, but as long as you're here, you may as well have a great time!"
**(15 / f / New Zealand)**
Submitted by: Magenta divine
"It gives you a chance to do things you wouldn't normally do (or be arrested for) without feeling embarrassed cos everyone else is doing it too!"
**(18 / f / United Kingdom)**
Submitted by: Divine128
"The RHPS means a lot to me because it is the only time I can go to a theater in womens underwear, dance in the aisles and scream obscenities. It is truly a great time and a great movie."
**(17 / m / Georgia)**

Submitted by: PSs NMBR 1 GRL
I was very lucky the first time I went to see the RHPS...I didn't have to go through the whole "Virgin" thing!!! I went with my friend Mike aka "Phantom" to see it for the first time...and he was part of the cast. That night I learned so much about what "fun" was. I could step out of the normal me...with the help of revealing clothing and fishnets...and become a fun "I don't give a fuck" person. I was heart broken the last night we showed Rocky...they closed our theater...I cried like a little baby. We went on to find a few places to show Rocky for a weekend or two. We were even at a drive in...freezing cold!!! I was being taught the part of Janet by our local "Virgin/slut" and ran around in jeans and a bra!!! BRRRRRRR!!! We did a special Halloween show in a stadium seating theater and I did lines for the people on the top...needless to say they just went to go...they had no respect for the cast...namely me...and were very upset that I was yelling lines through-out the movie. It hurt and I cried afterwards...because I was only doin' my job!!!. I guess you could say I'm sensitive!!! But what I am trying to say is that I love Rocky...and someday we will have a new place to call home and hang our fishnets...but until then I will religiously watch it every Friday night at midnight on DVD, and scream lines at the TV...which really pisses off my neighbors. ROCKY, ROCKY, RA RA RA!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Pupparella16
I am all but 17 and an enthusiatic RHPS fan. People may say I'm a RHPS "virgin", but I think not.. Although I have not been to a midnight viewing of this cult classic, I HAVE seen it on Broadway in NYC and let me tell you, I can't be a RHPS virgin after seeing that. It was AMAZING! I love RHPS even more than before. I do plan on attending my first midnight feature of The RHPS this Sat. (2/17/01) b/c I just got my first car (which is like the exact color of the infamous lips). To me the RHPS brightens the light at the end of my tunnel and gives me a new found hope for my generation b/c they should all know and love the RHPS like I do. Not only is it a fun and fantastic show, but it's so fun to participate in! I am SO proud to have The RHPS in my life!

Sincerly, Jackie
[an avid Rocky fan]

Submitted by: HillbillyAdrian
Letting go of the real world for two hours and having fun doing it. That is what Rocky Horror means to me.

Adrian Everett
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Submitted by: Tragus
Hey dudes,

My first show was a few months before my 14th birthday - growing up secluded me from most Rocky-type things so needless to say it made an impact on me - I was hooked. About 10 shows later, I had the opportunity to become a part of a cast and I'm now the Janet of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Lowdown Cheap Little Punks. Being a part of the show is positively surreal - the cast has become a second family to me and my life just wouldn't be wortyh living without Rocky! I while away my free time designing costumes and maintaining our cast web site, The Frankenstein Place (http://mmonroe.tripod.com/rocky.htm). So what does Rocky mean to me? Everything.

Jenn Fehr

Submitted by: Lizzydizy1
I was 12 years old when I first saw the film. Ever since, I have been obsessed with it. All my friends think I'm crazy, but I don't care! I am a rocky horror virgin, and I can't wait to see it in the movie theater and the broadway show. I hope that changes soon. What Rocky means to me is having an awesome time. Whatever mood you're in, this will make you into a good one. It gives you an excuse to dress up in fishnets and do the Time Warp until you collapse. I recently purchased a Riff Raff action figure, and my Columbia just came in. (I've been looking forward to getting it). If anyone can sell me a Frank n Furter action figure for like , that would be great. I'm kind of broke, otherwise I'd buy it at a store for twice the money. Thanks.